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What is Noor?

Tucson¹s vitality is built on its diversity, continually enriched and strengthened by the successes of newcomers. In a rapidly growing city full of new residents, one group arrives under special circumstances, seeking sanctuary from the violence and persecution they fled in their home countries to which they cannot return – they are REFUGEES.

Noor was founded 14 years ago by a group of volunteers who wanted to help refugee families adjusting to life in the United States. Noor is an interfaith group, both in its membership and in the refugee families whom it serves. Noor finds out about these families from one of the three agencies who bring refugees to Tucson. During this 14-year period Noor has helped about 1,400 families and has raised, and spent more than $600,000. In June of 2005, the Noor decided that the time had come to seek the 501(c)3 status, so that it could give receipts to the donors. Noor now has a tax free status.

Noor’s Mission Statement

The mission of the Noor Women’s Association is to assist the neediest refugees to make the transition to the life in the United States – with emphasis on widows and single parents.

Noor’s Priorities

Our number one priority is widows and other single mothers.

Our number two priority is families in crisis due to illness, loss of jobs, catastrophic accidents, etc.

Noor’s Fund-raising


Noor raises money through membership dues, fund-raising picnics and other generous donations. All funds raised goes directly to the refugees; there is no overhead expenses.

Over the the last three years refugees have been the hardest hit by our economic crisis. It is almost impossible for them to find jobs, and many who did have jobs are now being laid off.

The refugees are legal residents of the United States, and are granted the immediate right to work by our government. If you are able to hire a refugee at your place of business, please contact us at

We are always looking for new members!